Friday, August 31, 2007

The Brady Bunch

Well, This is our first blogg. I have know Idea what I am doing but I am having fun doing it. I thought I would put some pictures up that shows our life here at South Bend. Family and Friends have missed out on the fun and exciting adventures we have had out here. This way I hope to keep everyone updated on what it is like here. We enjoy it very much and the girls are growing so fast. And I can't forget about little Luke. He is growing like a weed. I have a lot to learn on the way one goes about creating a blogg. So bare with me.

First of all we have had many adventures at the beach. We love the beach and if we could go every day we would. Summer in South Bend is Hot. But after a long cold winter it is very much welcomed. Matt didn't get to experience the beach last year. You would think I would tell him that it isn't that great but I couldn' t lie. He missed out big time. So this year he wasn't going to miss out. We had so much fun and the girls and I enjoyed him very much. Since Luke came everywhere I go I feel like I have one arm tied behind my back. So Matt makes going places more enjoyable for everyone.

Our first family trip out here was to "Michigan Adventure." Matt had some time off and at the time we weren't familiar with the area so Matt got on the internet and found this fun amusement park. We went to a KOA camp and stayed in a cabin for a couple of days and went to the amusement park one of those day and had so much fun. This year we stayed at a hotel for one night. Mostly because of what happened last year. It was a great camp but we happened to go when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I hadn't had any sickness yet but I knew it was coming soon. When we got there that night my pregnacy sickness decided to start. We had a great meal that night. I felt a little wessy but went to bed. Around 2am I was afficially welcomed into the pregnacy sickness and needed to throw up. I had to go find my friend John in the dark which was not close enough. I was not happy that I couldn't see only by the moon but I quickly realized that is was better that way as I was throwing up in a not so good smelling John. I was not feeling well the rest of the trip but I didn't let it ruin our family trip. Matt and the girls got to ride and I got to watch which was fun for me to see how much fun they were having. I really didn't mind. So like I said we decided to stay in a hotel this time for obvious reasons. What is funny is the girls and I got a bug that night at the hotel and we had it going out both ends. This is when it is great to have a doctor for a husband. He went to a pharmacy right before we got the the amusement park and plugged us up from both ends. The girls were so drugged up that they might not have remembered that whole day. I am even wondering if we really we went. We did have fun and plan to go next year. Maybe next year Matt might have to give us a priesthood blessing before we go. That might have a better effect. The theme of the park is Snoopy and so of course they had life size character people all around. Ryan was abolutely scared of them. The funny thing is she told her friends that she wasn't scared. She is so funny that way. It is the same thing with the big storms we have out here. On the night of the storms no one sleeps at night because Ryan is crying and scared out of her mind. She ends up in our bed. By morning she lets everyone know how brave she was and that she wasn't scared at all. Its the same with snoopy. This year see was excited to face her fear and go and give snoopy a hug. Lets just say maybe next year we will get a picture of her and snoopy. Anyway, we have now made that a high light of our summers and plan to go every summer. We brought some friends with us this summer and had lots of fun (beside the sickness). We will let you know how next year goes. We have also done a lot of swimming. Ryan has gone from being absolutely scared of water to being a great swimmer ( as long as she has her life jackett on). The girls have faded the swimming out by now so we plan to close the pool soon. Preschool and soccer has been our new interest. Ryan (its really me) is so excited for soccer. Sometimes I have to wonder who is more excited her or me. To get her ready for the fall I was able to sign her up for a summer indoor league. She had a coach that was amazing. They called him coach Dan. He was a grandpa and really connected with the kids. Ryan, of course was excellent. Coach Dan liked her alot. One because she was good and two because of her name. He really took to her. Her goal every week was to beat all the boys. She was always so excited to come home and tell Matt that she beat all the boys. And she did. She is very fast. She even did it dribbling the ball. I need to stop there because I can keep going on how awesome she is in soccer. Just know I am a proud parent.Kacie is excited for her birthday. She tells everyone that her birthday is friday. She has fooled many people. kacie is Ryan's shadow. When it is soccer time she has to get into her soccer shorts and shoes (and yes, she has soccer shoes). When it is gymnastic time she has to get into her gymnastic clothes. when it is swimming lesson time she has to get into her swimming suit. When we talk about school she gets her backpack. At every event she always asks me, "when is it my turn mom?" I am looking forward to the time that I really can let her do what Ryan does. I will be excited to see what her interests are. Kacie is so cute and we love her very much.
Luke is growing, growing. He makes us all smile. He has his first two teeth on the bottom and just started getting them on the top. None have come through on top but can see that they are thinking about it. He is so excited for any attention that he gets. When he gets attention his little body wiggles out of control. It is very cute. He Loves his daddy and we both think he will say "daddy" first (even though I practice with him on saying "mommy" when matt's not around) Ryan said "mommy first and Kacie said "daddy" first. So luke is going to be the tie breaker.
I plan to keep you all up to date as often as I can. Believe it or not this posting actually took me awhile to get posted. My friends who do this on a regular basis are professionals and I hope to get my looking as good as theirs. My blogg may look out of control but by now I could care less. I am not great with this kind of stuff but I am determined to do it. I am learning and will be getting better everytime, hopefully. I will leave you with a few more pictures. Until next time.
The Brady Bunch