Sunday, November 30, 2008

Luke's Everyday Hair

I have been trying to grow Lukes hair out. I was trying to see if his curls would come back. Instead It just kept growing like a puff ball. Matt's hair does the same thing. His hair took alot more time then I was willing to give. He would wake up with wacky hair and it would take a lot to get it back down. So we buzzed it. He acted like we were cutting his arms off. Here are pictures of the moment I thought is was time to buzz his head. He just woke up from a nap.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Halloween was alot of fun with alot of to much candy! The girls finally decided to be Annie twins and Luke was a golfer. Luke stole the hearts of alot of folks in our neighboorhood. Once he found out that you get candy at people's houses he was off and running. He even out lasted Kacie. I brought the wagon for Luke but Kacie was the one who used it. The next day when we were outside he started to go house to house again. It was pretty funny.

This looks like a pretty bad mug shot.

The Annie twins. I like to go for costumes that make me laugh. This makes me laugh.

I love this picture. Ryan protecting her candy from Luke.

The Golfer. So cute! (thanks WWC sewing group. I couldn't have made the hat with out you)