Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lost first Tooth

We had an exciting day a few days ago. Some of you may have gotten a phone call. Ryan Lost her first tooth. It had been loose for awhile and finally Matt pulled it out with pliers. The anticipation was almost to much for Ryan. We almost had tears but Matt went quick and Ryan was so happy. Ryan was excited for the Toothfairy to come. I had a soccer game that night so I told matt I would be the toothfairy that night. Well, when matt came home from work the next day and Ryan came in excited to show him her quarter she got. His expression was very funny. He looked and me with a look of, "I can't believe you gave her JUST a quarter." No words were said, but I knew exactly what he was thinking. Matt laughed pretty hard at me (we both had a good laugh). I don't think I am going to live this one down. He might fire me from being the toothfairy. In my defense, this was my first time and I was just giving her how much I got when I was a kid. I guess times have changed.