Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicago Trip

I thought I would report on our trip to Chicago. Those of you who know, Chicago and Me do not get a long very well. Lets just say, taking a trip to Chicago equals naughty children and anxiety driving in the city. This trip was a way to put all that behind me and try over. We decided to go and check out Chicago for the weekend. We stayed two nights in a hotel. On Saturday we went to the Navy Pier which held the Winter Wonderland Feast and then to the (free) Zoo and saw all the lights plus animals. It was very fun. The kids were great and I took lead in navigating and Matt had the "balls" to drive in the big city. So it all worked out great. Luke was sick over the trip but he was a great trooper and we still had fun. We were blessed to have gotten home safetly. There was a huge storm the night before. It snowed nine inches that night. The trouble wasn't in Chicago it was coming home in Indiana. We hit a bad windy, snowing, foggy, storm. We literaly almost slid off the road three times. I was very glad we decided to take Matt's SUV because his four wheel drive helped. Anyway we made it home safetly.
I don't know what Kacie is doing.
This picture is deceiving. It looks cold but it really is an ice skating rink in doors. When thought this Winter Wonderland Feast would be out doors. Instead of freezing we were sweating.
There was lots to do at the Wonderland Feast. There was great rides, Ice Skating, trains, big big rides, all kinds of rides. We did cookie decorating because that was the only fun thing to do. Thats what we kept telling the girls. It might have been more torture for the kids to "Look but not Touch" the rides. Oh well.
Ryan wanted her picture with the beautiful princess.
He was great for not feeling very well. He is still smiling.
The rest are pictures at the Zoo. It was very very cold. Luke was very tired so I wrapped him in his mobywrap and he slept. We kept each other warm. It worked out great.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday Girl

It was Kacie's birthday today!! She turned Three. She is such a big girl. She got to pick her cake and she wanted it all pick. She picked princess plates and pink decorations for around the house. We sure do love and enjoy her. Here are afew pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY