Thursday, February 21, 2008

What the girls are doing

For Christmas Matt and I decided to get the girls something that would enlighten their minds. So we decided to get them catapillars and ladybugs. The girls were able to learn the stages of what the insects were going through. Once the catapillars turned into butterflies Ryan had to feed them and take care of them. It was very exciting to see them one night in a cacoon and then to butterflies. Same with the ladybugs. The girls checked on them everyday. It was very fun. I even learned alot. Well, it has been awhile since they have become butterflies and ladybugs and we started with seven and are at three. I actually don't think the last three will be with us much longer. when the first few butterflies died it really made Ryan very upset. Matt told her to flush it down the toliet to "butterfly heaven." Ryan asked Matt if our "peepee" and "pooh pooh" are in butterfly heaven. She didn't like the idea but eventually she flushed it down the toliet and that really upset her. She started to cry really hard. She went up to her bedroom and told me that she just wants to be alone. It was sad to see her like that but cute at the same time. She came down happy and told me she said a pray to heavenly father and that the butterfly is flying around with prophet hinckley. Kacie really could careless. She was in the backround dancing through the whole episode. Just happy to be there. The girls have done good with their insects but we are still not ready for a dog. I don't think we will be ready for a long time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nice Hair!!!

Ryan is at the age were she likes to do everything herself. Its not the age where they want to do everything by themself but they can't do it at all. It's more of the age where they want to zip up their own coat, buckle their own seat belt and you let them until they say "Ok mommy, can you help." Especially when you are already running late and five minutes later they realize they need your help. Or when they think they can brush their teeth all by themselves but they just brush the front two for about two seconds and then they are done. I try to avoid shoes with shoe laces because they want to tie their own shoes and think they can do it. That is a frustrating phase for the both, the child and the parent. We are long past that stage with Ryan. We are at a totally new stage. She is at the stage where she can actually do things but its just not quite the way I would do it. For example, she does her own hair now you can see she does a fantastic job. I love this stage and yes I let her go out in public with it. The best is when she gets lots of comments about her hair from other people. She looks so proud of herself. It is very cute. She is a very determined little girl.