Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Santa Baby"

This year was fun having two kids believing in Santa. Ryan and Kacie were on the naughty list a couple of times. A lot of times I really didn't think they were ever going to be on the good list. Ryan was very worried too. she would ask a couple of times a day (especially when she was doing something wrong) if she was on the naughty list. One night Santa called (it was really my dad, Grandpa Heywood) and told them they were on the good list. That was very good news to Ryan. She told me that she was so scared that she was on the naughty list. This made her extremly happy. She told lots of people, she didn't even know that she was on the good list. It was pretty funny. We had a great Christmas. My next blog will be about christmas day. Here are some pictures of the kids on Santa's lap. I think Luke sums it all up. That is a classic.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kacie's Birthday

Kacie had a birthday. We gave her her first birthday party and she was so happy. I have never seen her so happy. We had a big birthday party for her and she got so many wonderful presents. I think all her wishes came true. Thank you to all her friends for such fun gifts.

I do have to give a special THANKS to my good friend Emillee Wells for the wonderful gift that her kids gave. It was the gift that kept giving...all over. The next day as we were rushing out the door to church the girls were so proud of themselves for putting make-up on themselves and Luke. The sad thing was Luke loved every minute of it. He was loving the attention. He even was saying "Cheese" for us as matt took pictures. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

OB Fellowship

Hey we just wanted to announce that we got the OB fellowship and we are staying another year. We couldn't be more happy. We love it hear and look forward to another year! It will go fast so we will plan to be on the beach every day in the summer and look forward in continuing late night sewing. YEAH!