Monday, June 22, 2009

Snoppy Land one last time

We went to are annual family adventure this last weekend. We have done this every year since we have been here. We love it! We think it is the perfect amusement park for our family. There are so many rides that the girls can go on and think they are big girls. We were so lucky to go with the Wells family. They have girls the same age as ours and it was fun seeing them have fun together. The adults did get to have some big ride fun and go on some fun rides. I am pretty sure that each one of them got sick at one point of the day. We played hard and had lots of fun. The weather was perfect and the lines to the rides were very short. We have know Idea how we lucked out. I am so glad the Well's got to go with us. It was lots of fun.

I love this picture of John. "Big man in a little boat." Little Bella got to go on rides also.
The frog hopper is my favorite. It is not so much Matt and John's favorite. I don't know why but it just makes me giggle. Emilee is giggling and Matt and John are more in pain. There smiles are a cover up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Soccer Star

Ryan had her last soccer game. She was my soccer star. I decided to coach this season knowing that it would most likely not happen next time. I did do it going into the idea that Matt would be able to help out. For all my resident friends I know they are laughing at me for thinking that. So yes, Matt wasn't there for 95% of the time. I had to ask my friends and babysitters to help out (thanks Kelly). One time I thought I had a babysitter and it fell through so I had to bring Kacie and Luke with me. I wrapped Luke to me with my moby wrap (love my moby wrap) and coached the girls on the field. I know I was a sight to see. I was obvouisly pregnant with a big belly and a two year old on me. I heard a lot of comments like "she has a lot on her plate." I just smiled and said "yes I do." The parents helped watched Kacie. She was good and just sat and read books and ate lots of treats. That was a long game for me. Luke was very heavy by the end of the game. I am glad that that happened only once. Practices were a little better. Luke loved to dribble in front of the girls thinking he was one of them. Some of the girls didn't like it but I was just greatful he wasn't running in the street.
Ryan was great! The parents were so glad to have her on the team because she was the only one who scored the whole season. They didn't know our secret. If Ryan scores then she gets gum. She worked so hard for that gum. It was fun to see. (please don't judge us. It works!)
I did enjoy it alot. I loved being Ryan's coach even under some stressful moments. GOOD JOB RYAN!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Walk

Last year I entered in a race called the sunburst. Ienjoyed it so much that I did it again this year. I wasn't able to do the 10k like I did last year but I was determined to do something so I did the 5k walk. I am a little over six months pregnant (that is going to be a surprise to many since I haven't announced that to my friends outside of indiana) so the 5k walk worked well for me. I powered walked for a while, then my walking mucles where starting to hurt so I started to run and I was surprised that is felt better to run. I was able to run the last part of it in to the finish line. It was very fun! I am already excited to train for the 10k next year.

The night before we entered in the "family walk.' it was so fun!. We went with another family. Ryan and Olivia, who is her age, were determined to run it and win. They were a little confused when we just walked the whole way and no one was running. They still had fun.

I forgot to bring my camera so when we got home I took some pictures. That is why I couldn't get everyone in the picture. Ryan had to help and take some. I think she did a pretty good job.

What a fun weekend!!!!