Sunday, April 26, 2009

Utah Adventure

We were able to visit family acouple of weeks ago. It was so fun to see family. I didn't realize how much I missed them.
We took part of our trip and went to Las Vegas for one of Matt's CME trips. (continuing medical education) It was fun but we were reminded very early in our trip how much Vegas is not a family place. There was to much skin for our little kids eyes.

We then went to price from there and stayed a couple of days. While we were there we bought some land and are building a house. We are very excited about it. We were so happy with how smoothly it all went. Once we got into more debt (I think our goal in life is to rack up as much debt as we can before we graduate from all the schooling we have done) we left to visit more family in Utah. We had our annual "tea Party" that my mom put on. This was quite a party. My aunt Lola funded alot of it and when she gets involved amazing things happen. The girls and the moms dress up in there most beautiful dresses and we talk about the weather and all the things one would talk about at a tea party. That was the high light of our whole trip.
It was so fun the see family. We missed them so much.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

March Madness

No I am not talking about Basketball. I am talking about having two birthdays in March. I now have a two year old and a six year old. I know I am posting very late but I have been under the weather and then we left to Utah for two weeks. It was fun, but that is another blog. So Ryan had her sixth birthday in March. I didn't plan to have a party for her this year but she still invited her friends over for cake and ice cream. The parents of the kids asked if there really was a party. I felt really bad but I wasn't prepared for a party so we just ended up having a family party. It was cute of her though. She did end up having a birthday party. This shows how neat my friends are out here. They planned a surprise party for her. I was very impressed with how fun it was. It was much better then anything I would have given her. They made her feel really special. (Thanks Emilee and Kelly). Kacie now asks if her parties are going to be at her friends houses.
Then came Luke. I love this age because I really can just have a simple birthday. We sang happy birthday all day and that was enough for him. He loved it. Thanks to Grandparents and our Aunt Lola, Luke had some fun presents on his birthday.