Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Santa Baby"

This year was fun having two kids believing in Santa. Ryan and Kacie were on the naughty list a couple of times. A lot of times I really didn't think they were ever going to be on the good list. Ryan was very worried too. she would ask a couple of times a day (especially when she was doing something wrong) if she was on the naughty list. One night Santa called (it was really my dad, Grandpa Heywood) and told them they were on the good list. That was very good news to Ryan. She told me that she was so scared that she was on the naughty list. This made her extremly happy. She told lots of people, she didn't even know that she was on the good list. It was pretty funny. We had a great Christmas. My next blog will be about christmas day. Here are some pictures of the kids on Santa's lap. I think Luke sums it all up. That is a classic.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kacie's Birthday

Kacie had a birthday. We gave her her first birthday party and she was so happy. I have never seen her so happy. We had a big birthday party for her and she got so many wonderful presents. I think all her wishes came true. Thank you to all her friends for such fun gifts.

I do have to give a special THANKS to my good friend Emillee Wells for the wonderful gift that her kids gave. It was the gift that kept giving...all over. The next day as we were rushing out the door to church the girls were so proud of themselves for putting make-up on themselves and Luke. The sad thing was Luke loved every minute of it. He was loving the attention. He even was saying "Cheese" for us as matt took pictures. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

OB Fellowship

Hey we just wanted to announce that we got the OB fellowship and we are staying another year. We couldn't be more happy. We love it hear and look forward to another year! It will go fast so we will plan to be on the beach every day in the summer and look forward in continuing late night sewing. YEAH!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Luke's Everyday Hair

I have been trying to grow Lukes hair out. I was trying to see if his curls would come back. Instead It just kept growing like a puff ball. Matt's hair does the same thing. His hair took alot more time then I was willing to give. He would wake up with wacky hair and it would take a lot to get it back down. So we buzzed it. He acted like we were cutting his arms off. Here are pictures of the moment I thought is was time to buzz his head. He just woke up from a nap.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Halloween was alot of fun with alot of to much candy! The girls finally decided to be Annie twins and Luke was a golfer. Luke stole the hearts of alot of folks in our neighboorhood. Once he found out that you get candy at people's houses he was off and running. He even out lasted Kacie. I brought the wagon for Luke but Kacie was the one who used it. The next day when we were outside he started to go house to house again. It was pretty funny.

This looks like a pretty bad mug shot.

The Annie twins. I like to go for costumes that make me laugh. This makes me laugh.

I love this picture. Ryan protecting her candy from Luke.

The Golfer. So cute! (thanks WWC sewing group. I couldn't have made the hat with out you)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Utah here we come

WE SIGNED!!!! And the winner is.......PRICE, UTAH!!!!! Matt signed his life away a couple of days ago. He got an email from Price welcoming us (how nice of them). So it is official we are going back to Utah. We look forward to our next adventure. Matt has decided to apply for an OB fellowship, which will extend us another year. We find out in December if we get into the Memorial OB fellowship here in South Bend. In the contract with Price they said if we get the OB fellowship then they will see us in 2010 but if we don't then they will see us in 2009. Either way we will be happy with what is to come. We have really loved it out here so we would love to be here for another year but if that is not what our Heavenly Father wants then we will be happy to start our new adventure in Price. We are very happy with the contract and look forward to our new adventure when ever that maybe. We captured the moment. Matt in his Bronco's jersey, signing his contract with Price.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Big Splurg!

When Matt was away in Romania I got a little crazy with my (our) money and went and got me some nice new SOCKS! Yes, I did it. I splurged on some socks. I am a wild girl when he is out of town. I haven't bought socks since we have been married. I have always used Matt's old one's. (I know I am weird that way) Well, they were getting to the point were there wasn't even a bottom on the socks. I couldn't wait for more of Matt's old socks so I went and bought some. It was great. When I put on my new socks I felt like I was walking on a thick piece of carpet. They are so comfortable and I am loving life. Here is a picture of my old socks. Not pretty.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Communication through ART

Ryan loves to draw!! She draws so much that now Luke will grab paper and a pin and draw along beside her (and walls unfortunately). It is like she has taught him that that is what life is all about and the only thing to do.
She also uses her drawings as away to tell me how she feels. When she is angry she will let me know. This is one of them. This was drawn when Matt was gone to Romania. I think I might have looked like that for two weeks while he was gone. It is probably a portrait of me.

She doesn't stay being mad at me long because she drew these quickly after. I don't even know why she was mad in the first place.

This is her drawing of a Temple. She was the "scripture story" for family night and she wanted it to be on Temples so she drew this. The funny thing is she told the story of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus while she held it up. Jesus getting baptised is her favorite story. She didn't have anything to say about the temple, only that she drew one. It was funny. I know there is a connection somewhere I just am still pondering about it......... She was probably connecting Jesus getting baptised story with doing baptisms for the dead in the Temple. Yeah! I bet that was it.

Anyway, I think she does a pretty good job. I think this is a drawing of her.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back From Romania

Matt was gone for two LONG weeks in Romania. He went there for one of his elective rotations. When we interviewed here that was one of the attractions for matt. It was a great opportunity for him. The crazy thought to me is that elective is usually one month long. He was able to just do two weeks and still make it count. I am very greatful for that. I would have had to sell my children by the end of the month. He went to Romania on his mission so he already knew the language. The best part of matt being gone was I took up some projects. I cleaned the upstairs carpets and painted the hall way upstairs (that was the one thing matt told me not to do) and had lots of fun watching romantic/cheesy movies that matt would have never watched with me (thanks Kelly). It was so nice to have friends who helped me out with keeping my days busy with lots of fun. He is back and I am so glad to have him home. Matt will have to post on the blog about his trip. He took some great pictures. He is still trying to get over jet lag and from just working as a resident everyday. So hopefully soon he can share his great experience.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


It was Luke's first day of nursery. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is my little man now. He did as to be expected, cried and cried. I got reports from other mother's involved with nursery that he wasn't the happiest kid in the room. I was told by many mother's that he was having a hard time. I was torn on what to do. I knew that if I went in it would make things worse in the long run. So I guess you do the next best thing. Send in other parents to do the dirty work. My friend went in and helped Luke calm down and that made a difference. He still cried through out nursery but oh well this is something they all go through. I bet when I drive into the parking lot next week to church he will start crying. Just wait and see. Here is my cute LITTLE MAN!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tired little Ryan

South Bend is bright even at night time. The bright lights of South bend can be blinding to even the littlest of people. We caught Ryan preserving her pretty brown eyes as we found her fast asleep wearing Kacie's new Sunglasses. Kacie will be upset tomorrow when she can't find them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And so it begins

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. This was a monumental day for Ryan and for me. The real life has started. We are locked in the education system. I have to admit I was a little shy to pull the camera out. You know, the only parent with the camera. It still didn't stop me. She had a great day. We all had smiles on our faces. The only bad thing is we are now waking up at 7am in the morning. That is new for me.