Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Begins

Today was the last day of School, and the first day of summer for the brady's. Kacie was very excited to be done with "mommy school." We made graduation signs for her and Ryan. They both have come along way since the beginning of the school year. Ryan is very excited to be a first grader.
We got a head start on our pool. It has been really hot so it makes it that much easier to get excited about the pool. We were successful this year and it only took us two days to get it ready. All the other years we have had a few hardships with our (dumb) filter that it can take up to two weeks getting it together. The kids got to swim in it for a couple of hours today. They had lots of fun. This is our last year for this pool so I hope to make the most of it. All are invited to swim anytime.!
I guess what I am saying is I am so HAPPY that it only took two days that I am blogging it. HAPPY SUMMER!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

fashion statement

Today Ryan was very determined to not let me, Kacie and Luke see her today. We got up and took baths and then from there we were not to go near her. She was going to dazzle us with her ability to pick her outfit, put makeup on and do her hair. For the most part she does it all by herself anyway, but for some reason today was different. It was going to be magnificent. She was plotting her outfit. So when the time came to show herself this is what I found: (I have to say my "Ooh and AaaaHHHHH's" are getting really good.

Her top is actually a knitted dress that is tucked into her skirt. I think the dark and gray stripe socks bring her knitted dress out so well. It is perfection (in her eyes). Ryan I think has a great future in fashion. She is going places. I am not just saying that because I am her mom. Matt will say, as he rolls his eyes, her style comes from me. And yes we did go to church like that.