Thursday, July 24, 2008

Could It Be?

We recently returned from our family trip to Craig, Colorado. I was checking out a potential job there. Flying 2000 miles across the country with 3 kids is a little like doing a medical residency with 3 kids. The sweet moments become a little sweeter and the rough moments become a little rougher. All in all, they did pretty good. It's kind of nice when it's job interview time. All of the sudden, employers are willing to fit the bill for your travel. We took advantage and had them buy a seat for Luke. It worked like a charm. We had his car seat and eventually (after more chocolate chips than I could eat), the little guy would drift off to sleep. The girls pack their little totes that Grandma Brady gave them on the plane and color for an hour and then spend the rest of the time chillin' with Walt Disney on my laptop. He is the best babysitter of our time. After church on Sunday, we spent the afternoon in Steamboat Springs, CO. It is pretty there. It's kind of an older, ritzier looking Park City with a European flair. When we were there they were having a big hot-air balloon festival, art show in the park, and tube float down the Yampa River. People were crawling all over the place. We spent a little time at a local park where Ryan and Kacie (and probably mommy too, I couldn't see) watered the dandelions with a little homemade lemonade if you know what I mean. The next day I interviewed at the hospital. It seems like a pretty solid job. Mostly outpatient work, some inpatient and OB, as many procedures as I want to do and optional ER work. It's about 4-4.5 hours from family, so that's a little closer than we are now. I suppose that's good. Best of all, Craig is the self-proclaimed elk hunting capital of the world. Supposedly, even I am supposed to be able to bag a bull and I can't hit the broad side of a barn. Time will tell. A couple of good friends, Seth Spanos and Zack Bailey, are looking into the job as well. It would be a pretty sweet deal if we all signed together. The rest of our trip was checking out the sites around Craig. That took all of about 30 seconds. We did land at the wave pool though which was pretty nice. I wanted to post some pictures but when I went to download them from my camera they all included a fat white guy with a farmer tan that I didn't recognize so I'm guessing either we swapped cameras or my parents were just shooting pics of the wrong family. All in all it was alot of fun. Craig could be a good place for us. We'll see how things work out. As much as Tracy blogs here, you'll all probably find out where we sign before I do. Do me a favor and just let me know so I don't commit us anywhere else.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Moby Wrap

This is a moby wrap. This is how I carry my babies. Kacie wanted to be just like her mommy. I thought it was so cute on her. If any mother out their is having trouble with theirs just look at Kacie model it. Maybe this can help.

catching up

We have been having fun so far this summer. End of June and Beginning of July are big for us. June 30th was our aniversary. We have been married for eight LONG years and have loved every minute of it. (Matt put in the LONG and Tracy put in "loved every minute of it") Then July 2nd was Matt's 31st birthday. It was a fun day. Matt worked until 6pm so me and the girls had all day to plan his party. I asked the girls what they wanted to do for daddy's birthday and they said they wanted to have a party. So they picked out hats and decorations and a pinata. They picked out all princess things first so I encouraged them to pick the boy stuff. Ryan and Kacie got to invite a few of their friends. It was very exciting for them. So matt and the kids had a great Party. It was nice to have the families come on such short notice. I think the girls are always going to look forward to Matt's b-day.
Another exciting thing is Matt is now a third year resident. We only have one year left here in south bend Indiana. I already have mixed feelings. It will be so hard to leave. We have loved living here so much. It has been such a growing experience for us. We have made so many friends. We leave in a week to go check out Craig, Colorado. I am looking forward to seeing if it is really what we want. This is going to be an all business trip. I want to really get down and dirty and comb through Craig and see what it is all about. We will be taking the kids. I want to hear their input. Even though Ryan is only 5 she will have a lot to say and she will definately have her own opinion about Craig. We will keep all updated on our trip.