Sunday, November 29, 2009

Special Day

Lola after her big long day. "Blessing days" can take it out of you.
We blessed Lola today. She was so pretty in her blessing dress and so well behaved. It was so special to see all our close friends in the circle. Matt gave a beautiful blessing. A sister in the ward wrote down the prayer was given prayer for Lola. I was very touched. I have tried before to do that and have always failed so I am very impressed. She does it for all the blessings given in the ward. I will treasure it.
I had Ryan and Kacie blessed in the same dress Lola is in. I posted pictures of them in there dress also. It was the dress I was blessed in when I was a baby. My Aunt made it for me. It makes it special. Luke's outfit, on the other hand, was the only thing I had at the time. When he gets older I will just tell him it was his dad's blessing outfit. (No, I am just kidding. I won't do that.)
Here are pictures of all of the kids on their blessing day. They are all around the same age when we took these pictures. two months old.

This is Ryan.

This is Kacie

This is Luke. (Look at those cheeks! He is my chubby monkey.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who's Who?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

because I usually only have one arm now, (Lola takes up the other) my blogging has been thrown to the bottom of my list. But I will soon post pictures of more Lola and kids. We are still adjusting to four kids. So really quick, here are our pictures from Halloween. I Made the girls costumes. They are indian princesses. Luke was grapes for our ward trunk or treat but Matt was not liking the mess that came along with it so he bought Luke a indian brave outfit. Lola was a flower. When my mom came out to help she got that for her. She was a cute flower. So here are some pics.