Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still here

Where have I Been!! Yes we are still alive. I know I have been slacking in the blog area. I just have been putting it off. We are just taking a day at a time. We are just doing the day to day routine during this cold winter. Ryan gets up and I take her to school Monday thru Wednesday. I put Luke down for nap when we get back from dropping her off and then Kacie and I have "Mommy School." Once I am done with that I try to clean the house spotless, which never seems to happen. I feel like I turn around and the mess is back. Matt is great at pointing that out. So life is going. I have started soccer out here. It is one on my great excitements every friday night. I LOVE IT!!! I will keep everyone up dated on my soccer.
It is so cold here and I can't wait till spring/summer. I am ready to get out of the house. The kids are to. I feel like I am a hermit. Matt started out great with the new year. He had a goal to get more physically involved with exercise and playing sports. I was really excited for him, Well, his first day at playing Basketball he spraned his ankle. It was really bad. It was a three degree spran. He was in a lot of pain for along time. I had to laugh when I found out. Its always to new guy.
Anyway, we have done afew things fun this winter. Besides sitting on Santa's lap about ten times we have gone sledding, Ice Skating, and making lots of snowmans. Ryan was so fun to watch ice skate. She felt she was so good that she picked out a little boy and was determined to teach him how to skate. Lets just say they were on the ground a lot. Kacie I think was done early into the activity. She did good, but she loves being warm more.