Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Ryan had her preschool graduation today. She still technically has next week but we are leaving to Utah so she won't be there. They must expect families to do that. They had already planned to have their graduation today so it worked out for us. I would have hated to miss her singing. They sang songs for the parents and then they passed out their diploma. She did great. Matt and I wanted to make this day special so we let her pick where she wanted to eat out as a family. SO of course we ate at Mcdonalds. After we ate at Mcdonalds we told her that we can go home and have some cake ice cream from cold stone. (sorry it wasn't Dairy Queen, Mom). Ryan was really enjoying the attention. She finally asked Matt why we (mom and dad) were being so nice to her. It made us laugh. We must be mean parents. Oh well! Ryan is already looking forward to Kindergarten. Great Job Ryan!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ryan's Photography

Ryan Lately has been really interested in taking pictures. Just like all kids they want to be the one pushing the button and taking the picture. I have given more freedom to her recently then I probably should in allowing her to take some shots.

I went to take some pictures the other day and found that my memory card was full. Ryan took the camera and took some pictures. I thought it was pretty funny. It was like looking through the eye's of a five year old. Some were even pretty good. Here are some shots of what she took. I warn you that parental discretion is advised.