Sunday, June 15, 2008

Soccer Star

Ryan played her last game this last Saturday. She kicked some major BUTT! She hussled and played so hard. Every game she got better and better. It had all to do with our parenting skills. We practiced with her every day for hours. It had nothing to with bribing her with a pack of gum if she scored.
She was so determined to get gum. (No harm done with alittle persuasion, right?) Matt and I are so happy we found what makes her tick this early in her soccer career. She was so fun to watch. Here are some pictures of our soccer star.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sunburst 10k

I was debating on posting this blog but I decided to do it even though I look funny in these pictures. So last week I ran in a 10K. It is over six miles. It is something I have never done before and I am so glad I did. It was so much fun. When I first decided to enter this race I was going for time, but as it got closer my goal changed to MUST not stop running. I was so happy when I crossed that line and I didn't stop once. My time wasn't the greatest, 63 minutes. Remember I wasn't going for time. It was pretty cool to be running side by side with people you don't know and wondering what their story is. I bet I ran with pretty neat people. You also look at others and say "boy if she/he can do it then I sure can." I didn't think I would be one of those people but I have to admit when I got the pictures back of me the first thing I thought was "Oh No! I am one of the ones that people think "if she can do it then I sure can." I look pretty Funny. It is almost embarrassing so I post these only for proof that I did it. Here are some pictures of my "shining moment," Last Saturday.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Utah Vacation

Can you believe that Utah is a visit state for us and not home anymore? We are amazed. We both never thought we would say that.
We loved seeing family. Ryan is a Utah fan all the way. She loved being so close to family. We stayed at my Mom and Dad's house for two days and then the rest at Teresa's (my twin). We stayed for a total of ten days. Mike and Teresa were great hosts and planned great fun activities for us. We had playdays, visiting family, racquet ball, shooting, fishing, job interview, going to the temple, seeing Thomas the train, girls night out (what we did at girls night out, stays at girls night out) , and of course the favorite part for Ryan and Kacie was the princess tea party. We did it all. If you want to have as much fun as we did stay at Teresa's and Mike's.
Traveling is still not so much fun. Our trip to Utah was quite miserable. We were flying out of Chicago so we had to get up and leave from south bend as soon as we got up. Well, Luke fell and split his lip open right before we left. To me it looked really bad but Matt said he has seen worse in the ER and we weren't missing our flights over it. So we left. He cried pretty much the whole way. Luckly I had a very nice lady next to me. She helped as much as she could. I just appreciated her smile. Anyone who has traveled with kids knows how difficult it can be. When we landed in Utah we went straight to the hospital and they put in three stitches. Not to bad but not fun for Luke. It was a heck of a day for all of us. The flight home went a lot better.
For all my years as being a twin I never had so much fun when I went to Teresa's church. Teresa's hair is long and I cut mine short before I came out to Utah. So we had different hair styles. Everyone I saw thought I was Teresa so they all complemented me on my hair. By the end of the day I was feeling really great about my hair. It was really funny. They all had shocked faces when they saw Teresa. They were very confused. I think that was my favorite twin day ever.
It was sad to leave Utah. Ryan was very emotional about it. She cried the whole way to the airport. She really does love south bend, she just doesn't love Good byes.
We are now back and happy to be home and loving the nice warm weather. Here is afew pictures of the things we did in Utah.