Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday boy

It was Lukes Birthday a couple of weeks ago. He is so excited to be three. We had a fun bday for him. I love this age still because you can still get away without doing much. Just as long as you have a few presents, cake and Ice cream. It was a low key bday but had lots of fun. It was also an exciting day because he got to wear the birthday hat. That was all he could think of for days but quickly lost interest when it kept falling of his head. The girls love that hat so naturally Luke loves it to. I love that his favorite color is Pink. What a guy!
Other brady news, We sold our house. We are so excited and blessed that everything has gone so smoothly. We have to be out by the end of April so we will be staying at an apartment until the end of June when matt is finished with his fellow. I will be sad to leave our home but getting ready to move on. We have been here for four years and have loved every day here. I hope we will have just as much fun in our next adventure. I will show updated pictures of our house that is being built. The brick is being put on and it looks great.