Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eventful last few weeks

I am having trouble getting pictures placed on my blog so I am telling the events of the last few weeks out of order. I also can't type exactly where I want on the blog so I am afraid it will be all over so hopefully you understand it. Anyway,

Lola's first feeding. She loved it. She actually did really well. She got a lot down for her first time. You can't see them but they are there. Her first two teeth on the bottom of her mouth.

Can you guess which kid is really sick? We had a week of sick days. Kacie had the throw-ups and Lola had high fewers for three days and then the next two she had a bad rash all over her body (rosaola) for the next two days. It was not fun. I love this pictures because Luke was acting like he was sick to. He would tell me his stomach hurt and then ask for something. "Mom, my tummy hurts, push it (he thought if I felt his tummy then it was for real) Can I have soup two? it was cute.

Ryan's birthday party was lots of fun. She wanted a costume party. Ryan was a princess fairy and Kacie dressed up as princess. We had a batman and jasmine also but I forgot to get out the camera when her friends were there. It was a small low key party and I enjoyed it. We played "Ryan" bingo (my mom made this up for the grandkids and they love it), Decorated Masks, and did face painting. As you can see they had more fun painting my face.

A few days before her seventh birthday her two front teeth came out. It was very exciting. She sang "all I want for christmas is my two front teeth" all day. She was loving her lisp.


Mike and Kelly said...

I love her lisp... I wanted her to keep talking to me at dance last week. Such a cutie....

truheywood said...

So cute! Kira just lost her two front teeth too. They look like toothless twins. Hope everyone is better.